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Jalepeno and Lime Recipe Card Back-001Post your pictures, recipes and reviews, and prove you really are a mouse! Or share any recipes you have using our fab cheese with your fellow mice via our social media. It ain’t easy being cheesie!!

Your comments will be posted here also under the heading of “I need to squeak!!”

Recent Comments on our Cheese


  • Gordon Green

    Unbelievable selections and personally sampled the Extra Mature, Jalapeno and Lime and Caramelised Onion and Rioja.

    Great service and the word has been spread!

  • Emma Watson

    Had the opportunity to sample several different cheeses at The South of England Show last week. Delicious! Ended up buying 3 different types and have now just ordered four more. Can highly recommend the Extra Mature and the Sticky Toffee!

  • Samantha

    Bought at royal highland show mmm jalapeños and lime diffrent but nice. Wish I had bought the toffee one will have to buy more

  • Liz watts

    Would love the toffee cheese! Will you be at the Good Food Show Birmingham in November!

  • Mandy

    “Squeak!!” I’d sample them all surprise me! Great page for ideas for my savoury Christmas hamper!

  • Victor

    Ordered a gift set 6 cheeses come in a lovely wicker basket ordered Wednesday morning as promised next morning it arrived only tried the extra mature so far oh my God how gorgeous unbelievable taste i hope the rest are as good i will be 1 happy bunny definitely getting some more before Xmas got 2 friends addicted as well excellent thank you

  • Would love the extra mature cheddar, jalapeño and lime, Stilton, caramelised onion and Rioja and the charcoal cheddar. The last should always be surprise.



  • Elizabeth Gaskell

    Have entered your Facebook competition.. I would choose your Old Original No3 as my fave. Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  • Steve Mintram

    Having had to be cow dairy free for the last 27 months the only thing I have missed is cheese. I’ve tried all sorts of goat and sheep milk cheeses to many of the cheese substitutes that are out there these days in vain.
    Of the cheeses I will eat now I’ve found that Manchego varies so much that I only use one source and then only have it occasionally as it still doesn’t really satisfy and Ossau Iraty is passable but when I buy them they can sit in the fridge for ages unlike the cheeses I used to enjoy.
    On Thursday 14th June 2018 at Gardeners’ World Live I looked enviously at the people sampling cheeses at many different stalls before seeing the Blacks Cheese stand and spotting their Blacks Sheep Cheese and sampling what is hopefully going to allow me to renew my love affair with cheese and crackers, a Ploughman’s, and all the recipes I used cheese in.
    I bought two blocks and would have bought more if we had been going straight home. Sadly it didn’t travel well. One block didn’t make it back, but lunch was lovely! Thank you Blacks. Now I want more!

  • katsworld19

    My mum and I bought the charcoal cheese and the sticky toffee cheese yesterday at The Great Yorkshire Show and wow. I personally love the Sticky Toffee cheese, at first I thought hmmm This is weirdly strange but I loved it. I cant wait to buy more considering we split the round of the sticky toffee in half but i got to have a charcoal slab to myself. I’m impressed with the charcoal cheese it’s such a big thing now and i’m sure people will go crazy over it. I look forward to featuring them both on my Instagram blog katherineleak17.

  • Robert Jackson

    We bought three of your cheeses at the Weymouth Seafood Festival and they are without doubt the best English cheeses we have ever tasted.

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